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Triathlon Coaching

The Get Out N Play coaching services are for athletes of all levels who are seeking to reach their goals through professionally designed individual training programs. A training plan should be more than just a schedule and a set of workout codes. We start with an in depth interview process to gather information about your previous experience, lifestyle and season goals. Armed with this knowledge, a personalized program is designed.

Get Out N Play coaches will:

  • Offer 1:1 coaching
  • Assess your current fitness level
  • Design a personalized plan with a focus on your goals and goal setting
  • Identify and educate about your heart rate training zones
  • Recognize and improve limiters and weaknesses
  • Assist in race selection, strategy, planning and pacing
  • Offer nutritional recommendations
  • Provide recovery guidance
  • Improve your mental focus

You also receive:

  • Unlimited phone and email interaction
  • Adjustments to daily training schedule
  • Periodic testing to assess fitness gains
  • Strength training programs
  • Training Peaks training account


  • $140 online coaching
  • $195 per month with a 1.5 hour coaching session in an agreed upon discipline.
  • A three month commitment is required. Can include a mixture of online and in-person coaching
  • $65-85* per hour consulting fee (*A travel charge may be added)