Julia Z.
"Dear Aubrey, 

I wanted to thank you for leading the way for me to meet all the goals I had for myself in my first full distance tri! I did follow the training plan closely, making a few changes here and there of course, and I’m glad that you were accommodating to my needs as my ultimate goal is that it has to stay fun and without a bit of flexibility in training, the fun could easily have been lost for me. I had a few minor aches and pains throughout training, which I think anyone who doesn't probably isn't training hard enough, but I had no major setbacks which perhaps is partially good luck, but mostly smart training. As my race date approached I felt prepared and confident. A number of my friends seemed almost surprised at how ready I felt. I was almost a little surprised myself, but I had done all my “homework” and was feeling good about it. The race itself proved to be a reward for all the hours and efforts of training and I couldn't be happier with my results. 

Besides the training plan though, I appreciated your support throughout the training season. It was great to see you at a few of the local races and it always made me happy and motivated to have you cheering me on and to get to chat with you afterwards about how things went. 

So, all that said...as much as I just said how much I enjoyed the training and races, I've really enjoyed the last month of not training so much. However now that a month has gone by already, it is time for me to start thinking about what I've signed up for in 2014. I’m looking forward to working with you again for Boston and Mont-Tremblant. 

Thanks again for everything!"

Tami W.
"Aubrey is an amazing coach, teacher and mentor. When I first started working with Aubrey I was strictly a runner. I approached her to coach me through my first Duathlon, where my naive and lofty goal was finishing top 5. She coached me through being perfectly prepared for that race, and I finished as the second place female overall!  Within 2 seasons of hard work on both our parts, I was getting in the water at my very first Ironman. She taught me everything swim, bike, run, and gave me the confidence to break into the intimidating world of triathlon. There's no question that I will continue to work with Aubrey, as long as I'm training!"

Dianne G.
"OK, how do I put into words, someone who has impacted my life in such an incredible and positive way? An analogy of a puzzle comes to mind. I knew in my mind, what I wanted the end result to be, I just needed help finding the right pieces to put it all together. So armed with an intense desire to improve my training/skills, be challenged and a background in sports & conditioning, I went shopping for a tri coach. I was also looking for the nutrition component , someone to prevent me from overtraining, incorporating some of my conditioning pieces from my rehab of my ACL surgery, and advance to the next level beyond Sprint Tri’s. Because of this, it was not going to be easy for just any coach to win me over. However, after listening to her presentation on nutrition at a Multi-Sport event and interviewing Aubrey, I knew she possessed all the pieces to my tri puzzle. At the end of this conversation, I knew that the whole process was going to be enjoyable, as well. It was her knowledge and passion for the multi-sport , positive demeanor, and warm sense of humor that won me over. My goal; Olympic Tri. 

Aubrey you are a great role model as you continue to train, be involved, and participate in many facets of tri’s, up to and including a Full Ironman. As an older athlete, I was concerned that you would hold back on my abilities. However, that was definitely not the case! I found your workouts to be progressively challenging, efficient, and never boring! I especially loved the interval training. One of your many, what I call; “Aubryisms” or motivational mantras that inspired me: “I’m not just training you to finish, I’m training you to finish faster and in style” You were honest, informative (always e-mailng me articles) and direct in answering my questions or during any of my training. Your humor definitely kept me going, ie, when I asked you how I should run, you answered; “faster” I especially appreciated you addressing the various mental aspects of triathlons and finding a way to communicate specific biomechanical skills associated with swimming. Basically educating me on a lot of tri areas, such a newbie! Not to mention, your guidance in selecting various races. I was grateful for your pre-race calls to go over logistics which helped to de-stress me. It was definitely a plus that you had a backup plan for Hurricane Irene when the Cranberry Country Tri  was cancelled. Very comforting when I knew that you were there taking all the guess work out of so many things! 

Based on your coaching abilities and belief in my abilities, I would not have accomplished and improved in so many areas, especially in the following; 3- 5K’s (finishing first in my age group in one of them) and one where you ran with me/dragged me, I mean inspired me, definitely helped me in the Manchester Road Race to push myself even harder. To where I was getting frustrated that people were in my way J , 2 sprint tri’s (the two other pre-Aubrey…no comparison), and finally, placing 3rd in my age group in the Olympic distance. Looking back after my Oly Tri, I would have to say that I was very prepared, enjoyed the training and had a blast during the whole Oly race! To be honest with you, at times, I doubted my readiness for the Oly as I felt sometimes I didn’t work hard enough, but because of your belief in me, I put my faith in your expertise as you seemed to be so sure of my ability. You have taught me that “efficient” workouts coupled w/periodization principle equals a well trained athlete. It paid off! The whole experience has been phenomenal! So basically, I vastly improved in all 3 of the multi-sport areas. I not only finished faster, but in style…..thanks to you!

Now on to my next puzzle for next season…….1/2 IM! I must be crazy, but definitely excited!"

Monika L.
"Dear Aubrey,

I can’t believe I have been training with you for over a year. It’s unbelievable how far I have come with great training, dedication and a lot of hard work!! You are not just the trainer I decided to workout with for my hour sessions, but you have been someone I can count on, who motivates me and pushes me to do my best and get the most out of my fitness plan. Your guidance and encouragement has helped me work harder. 
When I first started working out at the gym, I was struggling with my weight and was not as physically active as I am now. Over the last year and a half, I have completely changed myself physically and mentally. I feel better about myself and I have learned that when I put my heart into something and have someone supporting me, I can really do well. I went from not having a fitness plan to running 5K races and half marathons!! During one of my first races this spring, I had my best personal time ever for a 5K because of my strength training, cardio workouts and the track trainings that you have put together to help me. 

You have helped me create action plans on how to achieve my goals. You have also taught me about different types of cardio and strength training exercises and how to incorporate that into my busy schedule. You have opened my eyes up to activities that I never really thought about before or thought I would be able to do before (like hiking, racing, or maybe even some day a triathlon!!) 

You truly are such a great trainer. You are not only my trainer, but you have also become a great friend of mine. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me and helped me accomplish. I hope you know that I am so proud of myself and how far I have come, and a lot of this would not have been possible without your guidance and support.

This summer, I look forward to more races (5K’s, 10K’s and half marathons), strength training and learning with you! I have come a long way with your help and guidance, and want to continue to achieve much more!"

Thanks again!

Jim S.
"Aubrey, I can not begin to thank you for all of your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to helping me achieve my goals over the last year. Thanks to you, I am doing things today that not only did I think were impossible a year ago, but things that I was afraid to do. Your knowledge, dedication, personality, and of course, your heart are what separates you from others. They are what make you a strong competitor, an excellent trainer, and a motivator like none I have ever seen before. The fact that you “walk the talk” only makes me want to keep raising the bar. So, thank you for all that you have done and I look forward to another year of raising that bar."

Phil S.
"Thanks so much for all you have done for me with my personal health goals. From our first meeting on January 15th  to our last session, about twelve weeks later in April, you have provided not only fitness guidance, coaching, and motivation, but I feel more importantly, nutritional education, insight and support to lose over 40 pounds and be able to maintain it. Being able to wear clothes that I wore in high school nearly 30 years ago is priceless. 

It is odd how you can go through life and not really understand nutrition, diet, and eating. Each year, we gain a little more weight and keep believing that we eat well, when in fact we do not, and often we eat because we are bored or stressed. Many of us settle into our adult bodies and wish for magic bullet to get us back to what we looked like in our youth. There is no magic bullet, just proper diet and nutrition and calorie intake that is aligned to support our level of daily activity. The time I spent with you, listening, learning, and applying this very simple fact has changed my life and the lives of my wife and children. I am so grateful for your help and I have a tremendous respect for your ability to change lives. 

So it is Saturday morning and I just went for run with my 9 year old and am making a dandelion green omelet for breakfast. People ask me how I did it….obviously I exercise, but the most important thing I tell them is that I learned how to eat better. Better food is widely available and there is no excuse not to find and try new foods. My new motto is live like a bear….eat a variety of fruits, nuts, vegetables, meats and fish, play a lot, sleep well, and protect your family."

Praise for the Charlottesville Destination Marathon Training Program
Rachel C.
"The Charlottesville Marathon Training was a phenomenal experience.  It was my first marathon and wasn’t sure it was something I was really capable of, but your encouragement and meticulous training program helped me exceed my hopes.  You were really invested in our success as much as we were and that was a great feeling.  You are a gifted coach and mentor and I would (and have) recommend your training program to anyone looking to improve their fitness level or tackle the next big challenge. I look forward to the next program!"

Julia Z.
I remember you saying during your presentation of the destination marathon about how we’d be training and logging all these miles from week to week and how we’d be beginning to run more on the recovery weeks… and my first thought was I can’t believe I’m going to run that many miles and second that I would never beg to g running if I didn’t consider it necessary. Well I did run all those miles and although I never wished to do more miles during the training-recovery week, by Wednesday after the marathon I really wanted to go running, but I told myself to take five days off and that was hard to do! 

My real goal in joining the group was to get myself to be able to run 26.2 without getting hurt. I really didn’t care about the time. Despite a little knee trouble and later my right hamstring, I feel you led me to meeting this goal… but also so much more. I PR’d my 10K time, my half-marathon time and made a Boston qualifying time in my first marathon! More important though is that my enjoyment of running is stronger than ever. 

Perhaps we were just lucky to have formed such a good group of individuals, but I tend to think that good leaders draw in good followers and that you and Bill created a running group atmosphere that we could all thrive in. 

Thank you so much for having this great idea of the destination marathon and delivering a great program of training, support, enthusiasm, and fun. The trip to Charlottesville was the icing on the cake in this journey. Great food, great friends, great accommodations, great preparation and a GREAT marathon. 

Thanks for everything!"

Alexis S.
"I am proud to say that last spring I finished my first full marathon in Charlottesville Virginia, under the coaching of Aubrey of Get Out N Play. As much of a cliché as it sounds, both the training and the actual  running of this marathon was a life altering experience. Aubrey’s tutelage helped to instill in me a sense of empowerment and confidence that is very powerful, which carried over from my running into other aspects of my life. I trained with Aubrey for almost 6 months in preparation for the marathon – her plan was very tough but effective. Not putting in the work was simply not an option – Aubrey held you accountable for showing up and giving your all to each run. At the same time, she was sensitive to injuries and advised rest and listening to your body above all else (except when your body tells you to stop midway through a hill – in this case don’t listen to your body and conquer that hill!!)

As a result of this rigorous training, I felt very prepared for marathon day, and am happy to report that I had a GREAT run and an even better overall weekend spent exploring Charlottesville and relaxing in the beautiful villa that the training group was renting. My casual-runner husband who accompanied me on the trip was even motivated by all of the runner buzz in the house and ended up training with me for my next two half marathons after the Charlottesville! I would recommend Aubrey’s training program to anyone who wants to develop confidence and take their fitness to the next level!"

Paul R.
"Charlottesville was my first formal marathon training, so not only did I find that it was a huge help to get the real time feedback to improve my form and speed from the coaches, but the group/team interactions also kept me out there training on winter days I could have easily skipped on my own."

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