About Aubrey

Aubrey loves the outdoors, adventures, fresh local food and smiles. She tries to pass along enthusiasm to all that she comes into contact with. A friend once asked, “Do you have to draw everyone into your world?”. Her answer, “YES!”

Aubrey’s first introduction to personal training was back in 1998, in Albany, NY. At that time she was nearing the completion of her B.S. in Biology. While obtaining her Master’s in Education, she continued to train clients and continued on when teaching middle school science. However, a strong desire to work in the fitness industry pulled her away from the school system. Instead she pursued her interests and focused on personal training and triathlon coaching. In 2006, Aubrey became a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. Now Aubrey is adding Health Counseling to her skills. Attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is the perfect next step to provide clients with life altering insight and support.

Aubrey has turned her passion for fitness into a full time career. On a daily basis, Aubrey interacts with people, in an effort to leave a positive impression on their lives. There is great satisfaction in supporting people to reach their goals.

Aubrey is not simply a coach, counselor and a trainer, but also a triathlete herself, having completed Ironman Lake Placid twice, and routinely places high up in the overall results. Training and improved performance is important, so Aubrey is constantly reading and learning in an ongoing pursuit for more knowledge. And the quest for balance continues into the kitchen where Aubrey has embraced fresh, local produce and cooking to nurture her health and energy

Her love of adventure and exercise has taken her most recently to hiking Triangle Pass in Colorado, Joshua Tree in California, Franconia Ridge and other mountains in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, to Malaga Spain for a cycling training camp/vacation, and on a ten day road trip to Savannah, Georgia and back, stopping at many farmers markets and farm stands along the journey.